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Shotcrete Technologies, Inc. can provide further training and technical support to any Operation.  It is beneficial to have all of your Shotcrete and supervisory personnel receive the same training from the beginning, that way they become a real “team” and will efficiently produce consistent results.  What we can do for you:

Classroom training:  Educate your personnel on basic Shotcrete practices: “What is” Shotcrete and “Why”; Mix Designs and why the mix is important; both use and explanation of Equipment; and finally Shotcrete Techniques, testing and safety.

Practical Shotcrete Skills:   Demonstration and instruction to include: pump operation and maintenance Robotic Arm operation, Nozzling skills.  

Troubleshooting and Technical Assistance:   Our Shotcrete Technician can review overall logistics and Shotcrete operations Our expert will review all current operations at all phases including mix design, logistics, and actual shotcreting and oversee the crews to ensure the highest possible production rates.

Daily Supervision Option:  STI personnel on site reviewing and overseeing all Shotcrete operations daily.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.